Manufactured Stone.  Manufactured stone or veneer stone is a man-made product that looks remarkably like the real thing.  There are no actual stones in this product.  It is made by pouring a mixture into molds that have a stone-like shape.  Often, the “stones” come in panels, rather than individual stones, and they can be set into mortar similar to the way natural stone is assembled in construction.

Natural Thin Cut Stone Natural thin cut stone is exactly that.  It is “harvested” from the earth, gathered and sawn to thicknesses of approximately 1″ to 2″.  Installed like manufactured stone, only its real. 

Porcelain Pavers.  The next greatest thing in outdoor building products has arrived.  Porcelain pavers give the look of natural products such as travertine, quartz and wood, in a highly stain resistant, frost proof and highly scratch proof product.

Outdoor Living.  Everything you need to create an elegant and affordable outdoor living space in days, not weeks like conventional building methods.

Masonry Supplies.  Products used to install manufactured and natural thin cut stone.  Laticrete has developed a proven technology to provide a permanent, high strength installation that is freeze thaw stable and protects from water intrusion.