Ply Gem Stone — Ridgestone (Autumn)

Ply Gem Stone - RidgestoneMolded from real stones, but lighter weight, Ply Gem Stone is an affordable, easy way to add lasting curb appeal and character to your home or project’s exterior or interior. The craftsmanship and care put into Ply Gem Stone, as well as its’ many styles, make it a versatile and attractive alternative to solid rock and an ideal complement to traditional siding.

The Ridgestone featured on the home page is also show to the right.  It comes in four colors, including Autumn (shown right).  Modeled to appear as if water has washed over the surface, Ridgestone captures nature’s true nuances and the appeal of natural rock formation. Ridgestone offers the consistency of horizontal balance with the irregularity of unique textures. It features a uniform pattern with a grooved face texture and is considered a drystack stone (without a mortar joint).

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